Monday kicked off the week well…

My morning routine went perfectly according to plan. Woke up and did some yoga, which has been helping to get my back stretched out. 
Then I did my HIIT workout, using the equipment that I have available, doing 3 rounds of 30 seconds per exercise, moving quickly between them to keep my heart rate up:
Kettlebell swings
High knees
Walking Lunges
Dead Lift
Overhead Press
The finally, went for a nice run outside. It was chilly, but felt o’ so good. 

This morning, my routine is a little off because Bill needed to leave his car at the dealership overnight, so we are riding together this morning. So I woke up at 5 still, keeping that habit, and did yoga. We will go into work earlier, so I can run at 4, then do my HIIT routine after that. Working out or running after work has not been my best plan, but I am trying to make sure and keep things on track, I’ll check into tonight. 

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