Habit #1 of 10: Take Responsibility

Been doing a little reading on another blog that I follow, Marks Daily Apple, and you are about to hear a lot more about it. One of the things I’m going to be focusing on this week is his writing about 10 Habits of Highly Successful Hunters-Gathers. I know you are thinking, “wtf, hunters-gathers??” but his entire teaching is about living a more Primal life, … Continue reading Habit #1 of 10: Take Responsibility

Ethiopian Food!!!!

So yesterday I experienced Ethipoian Food for the first time. And seriously, it was delicious. Below is Mandy giving me instructions on how to eat without silverware.  I opted for the vegetarian dishes, a sampling of Yatakilt Alicha, Yemeshir Kik W’et, Shiro, and Yaterkik Alicha, no lamb or steak for me. The bread is like a brown colored sour dough pancake.  If you haven’t tried … Continue reading Ethiopian Food!!!!

10 Things You Need to Know About Running

1. Eat. Seems simple enough. Right? Wrong. My eating, (and ahem, drinking) drastically effect my running efforts. I ate for my long run Sunday, by starting Saturday, and skipping the wine, banging out 14 miles felt damn good. Kept on the healthy clean eating train and again skipped my night cap glass of wine and today adding another 5 miles still felt incredible. Am I … Continue reading 10 Things You Need to Know About Running