Habit #1 of 10: Take Responsibility

Been doing a little reading on another blog that I follow, Marks Daily Apple, and you are about to hear a lot more about it. One of the things I’m going to be focusing on this week is his writing about 10 Habits of Highly Successful Hunters-Gathers. I know you are thinking, “wtf, hunters-gathers??” but his entire teaching is about living a more Primal life, ranging from our behaviors, our eating, and our exercise habits. But rather than write a huge essay on what he’s teaching, I’m breaking it down into the things I find the most interesting or have the most impact in my life right now. Some of it relates to Marathon Running, some of it doesn’t… 🙂

Habit #1: Take Responsibility
This is what Mark says about this: “When you stop distracting yourself with what belongs to other people, you can focus on your own life. When you own where you’re at in said life, you’re empowered to move forward in it. When you place power in your life elsewhere, however, you’ve chosen to relinquish that power. You’ve given it away. (Link here.)

When it comes to many areas of my life I could easily place blame… And I have. When is comes to running it goes a little like this: “My race times aren’t as good as they should be because… I don’t have time to train all the time or I’m a busy mom if two little girls or My job demands a lot from me…” You name it. But the reality is this, I make time to Facebook, I watch TV at night, heck I make time to do this… So the reality is, I could run more, I could be faster, but only I can make it a priority in my life… No more excuses. The responsibility is mine. 
This morning was a four mile tempo run. Slept in too late for yoga which my back didn’t appreciate… Tonight the girlies had a softball scrimmage.

My Running Bucket List

So while I am sure you would love to hear again about y morning routine and my four mile run this morning before work, I will spare you…Instead, whether you like it or not, I am going to give you the list of races that I would love to run given no money barriers and plenty of training time availability.

1. CDA Marathon
CDA was the first Marathon that I had ever heard about. I remember thinking ‘26.2 miles??? Are they crazy?’ and now, in 5 short weeks (too short) I will be running that race. And I am super stoked about it.

2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas
When I met Bill, this is the race that I was training for… My smitteness over our relationship totally derailed my training… But the awesome experience of running the strip at night is still something that I want to do…

3. Disney Marathon
In Florida!!! What the heck! (I would be willing to run the half, in California as a compromise on this one…)

I would totally love to run a marathon on an island, and my own fears about going international makes Hawaii the best idea. 🙂

5. An Ironman
Yes, I know that my swimming stinks, and I know that I have never done a Triathlon of any kind, but one day, when I have more free time to train (11 years til both the girls are 18, ha), I would really like to train first for a sprint or olympic distance triathlon and then an Ironman. I think it is almost super human to finish one of these races, and I would absolutely love to complete one.

My brother is a hero.

(My sissy telling my brother good-bye as he heads back to the Army)
My brother, Alex, has been home for a week. And a week is no where near long enough. Alex is in the army, Alex is an E.O.D. specialist, which means he detects and disarms explosive devices. My brother will be deployed this year. We’ve all known this would happen. None of us were ready for this news. My brother is making the most self-less decision and person can, my brother is willing to place his life at risk for everyone else in America. My life, your life, strangers lives, your children, my children. My brother is a hero. My brother is brave. 
(My brother holding his youngest niece, Lily, with my sissy) 

(My dad holding his youngest granddaughter for the first time)

Ethiopian Food!!!!

So yesterday I experienced Ethipoian Food for the first time. And seriously, it was delicious. Below is Mandy giving me instructions on how to eat without silverware. 

I opted for the vegetarian dishes, a sampling of Yatakilt Alicha, Yemeshir Kik W’et, Shiro, and Yaterkik Alicha, no lamb or steak for me. The bread is like a brown colored sour dough pancake. 

If you haven’t tried it, do. 

No such thing as too much coffee…

My schedule was all messed up today. Everyone that reads this thing knows my schedule is so routine, I may as well be 90 years old. But today my schedule went a little something like this…

5am, alarm goes off, I do not hit snooze, instead I shut the alarm off. And GO BACK TO SLEEP. So, instead I wake up at 6:30… Shoot. So I rush the girls around and out for the bus. Thankfully there was enough time for my morning housework and yoga. Thank goodness for yoga, as my back and I are finally back on speaking terms. 

Then this happened…

All 12 cups of it… Yup a full pot. This is seriously some delicious coffee. Then off to work. Which was another crazy busy day. And Haili had a school play. My sister, her baby, my brother, my dad and my mom all came. It was great. On the way, my sister picked me up a coffee. Ha!!!!

Wrapped up the day at work. At 4 headed home and decided, since I was still having a huge caffeine situation, to run sprints. Felt really good. At 5:30 the girls had softball practice until 6:30. Thankfully during my morning housework I prepped a crock pot dinner, so it was ready when we got home otherwise we would’ve ended up eating something less healthy. Recipe to come. 

And now, snuggled down with this sweet wine. 

Kimbo is Getting Faster!

Great little 4 mile run with my favorite furry running partner this morning before work. Thankfully the path I run in the morning is pretty quite in the morning and I was able to unleash her for most of the run. She’s getting faster!!! Finally! But when we get home she totally crashes. I ❤️ this dog. 
I noticed this morning that doing the yoga back bends in the morning are finally helping stretch my back out. But unfortunately by night it’s aching again… 

Easter Sunday in Pictures & Captions

(Easter baskets!)

(Easter dresses!)

(Great Grandpa & Lily)


(My brother Alex, home from the military)

(Graci & Lily)

(Haili & Lily)

(Love this baby girl)

(Aunt Brandi & Uncle Bill)

(Lily Dawn)

(Easter egg hunting)