Where did the week go?

What a whirlwind of a week and this weekend was a great end to it.

Saturday I had my long run and the girls had a breakfast date with their great-grandparents. So we met early and it was chilly out at 31 degrees. After the girls returned and we got home from running some errands for work the girls had a birthday slumber party at the neighbor girls’. So Bill and I headed out for a bike ride, although it was still pretty chilly out at 45 degrees. Thank goodness for my Mizuno heat pullover, that thing is so comfy and yet so warm. Got home and pulled on my compression socks and rock taped my back and foot. My foot still ended up pretty sore. Wore my Mizunos all weekend and that seemed to help.Β 
Today, the girls came home around 7:30… Which meant no long snuggly Sunday morning. Instead I cleaned house and prepped my sprouts for this week and my Overnight Oats for tomorrow. And then did some yoga to stretch my back, Kimbo joined in as well but fell asleep at the end during the meditation.Β 
Then after Bill was up and around, I talked him to joining me for a walk. When we returned we did a ton of yard work. Which was much needed. I will get this horribly, poorly maintained yard taken care of this year, one flower bed at a time! Today I raked all the leaves and trimmed the bushes in two of the front beds and planted flowers along the house and on the porch.

Then we took the girlies out for Spot On (their fav) and stopped off at Home Depot (their least fav). Did I mention I got flowers on Thursday? They look amazing today.Β 

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