Home Grown Sprouts & Stuffed Zucchini

Sundays have become the day of meal planning, grocery shopping & food prep for the week to come. Made my menu for the week, made my shopping list for the items we needed for the week, then Bill and I went grocery shopping. Tonight on the menu was taco salad, which I’ll spare you with a mediocre recipe, it was good, but not blog-worthy. 🙂 

The sprouts are done! So I’ll walk you through the awesome process. 
The sprouts in the top left corner were started Wednesday, and were completely overflowing the jar today. I bought the sprouting lid on Amazon.com, but a cheesecloth will work just as well. So I took 1T of sprout seeds and put them into the bottom of a mason jar, filled with water and left them over night. The following morning you completely drain the seeds, rinse them well with room temperature water and drain, placing them upside down in a bowl, wrapped in a towel and left in a warm area. The seeds, that literally start sprouting the second day need to be rinsed, drained and put upside down in towel three times a day. Then tada Sprouts!!!!
Sprouts are a super food often overlooked when trying to improve health. Check out these websites:
Also pre-made my lunches for the week, baked Panko Chicken and Stuffed Zuccini. They smelled soooo yummy. 
The chicken is just dipped in egg and then Panko, then baked. 
Stuffed Zucchini 
Take two zucchinis, slice them length-wise, using a spoon scoop them out to make the zucchinis into little boats, placing the insides into a bowl. I added two spoonfuls of sun-dried tomatoes to the zucchini. Meanwhile, I sautéed a half an onion and five small peppers, then diced them up. Later mixed the zucchini mix to the onion mix, then filled the zucchinis with the veggies, then baked them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Yum. 

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