Running w/ my Girl & Bountiful Basket

Went to the track this morning with Haili. 

Could she be any cooler?

While we were running she said, “we should get BFF Runner necklaces”, then yelled “BFR’s!!! Best Friend Runners!”, I just wanted to kiss her whole face at that moment!

Also, I haven’t talked about Bountiful Basket before but let me tell you, it is great. It’s a co-op for produce. On Monday at noon, you go online to You select your basket for $15 then any add-ons. Then the following Saturday you meet and pick up your basket. It’s awesome! 

This weeks load, again only $15, and this week mostly organic:

Then I added on a case of strawberries for $14!!! Miss Graci and I have already eaten a full clamshell and have plans for smoothies!!

And Bill & Graci love their Organic Multigrain Bread, 5 loaves for $12. 

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