The Most Delicious Chocolate Green Smoothie Ever & Haili’s 1st Marathon Mile

Amazing. Totally Amazing. 

The amazing recipie…

1c kale
1c spinach
2t 100% cocoa powder
1 scoop protein powder (I totally love dymatize Isolate 100)
1T almond butter
1/2c almond milk
1 banana
3T flax
Enough water to make it drinkable… Seriously, amazing, TRY IT. 
So this is what I had post workout. And no, the weather wasn’t as predicted, it was perfect. Cold, no precipitation, and the sun came up earlier than yesterday! Hurray for spring. Forgot to make my overnight oats last night, epic fail. Instead a Hammer Fuel and a nutrition bar, not nearly as awesome. 
Work sucked. Plain out. Sucked. 
But watching my baby girl run her first marathon mile???? Awesome. Totally awesome. 

Tonight, Graci helped with dinner, they had pepperoni pizza pasta casserole. 

My dinner, refried bean tostadas. Yummy & healthy & simple to make. 

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