The Weekend

It was a long week this week. Work has been super busy and pretty hectic, helped my dad and grandpa place my grandma in a long term care facility in the town they live in while fighting her insurance company and the facility about her payment, and stress at home. So Friday evening, alone with Bill, couldn’t have come soon enough. 

Saturday, we went to the ski hill I grew up on to try to teach Bill to ski. On the way up we swung by Starbucks, a perfect way to head to the ski hill, skinny soy vanilla venti latte and a delicious feta spinach wrap. Yum. 

The snow was perfect, the hill almost empty (it’s a small yet perfect hill) and the sun was out. Great day in the snow. Bill did not enjoy skiing, but it was so nice to be out. I ended up doing several runs with an old family friend and it was great catching up with her. 

Kimbo was not going to let me sleep in this morning, but really just wanted someone to nap on… What a pretty, spoiled, rotten girl she is.  

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