But no one died…

My routine was all messed up this morning………. I had to fast for blood work this morning… ie: no coffee, no thermogenic, no PreWorkout, means NO HAPPY RUNNING LADY… Sleepy, cranky, lazy lady… Knowing this about myself, I set my alarm to 6:30am instead of 5am… Kimbo didn’t get the memo, and woke up at 5:15am… Ugh. As soon as she had been taken out for our 5am standing-in-the-yard-waiting-Kimbo-out-session, I laid down on the couch, decided to try to fall back asleep… “MOM, I HAD A BAD DREAM” was followed by thundering steps up the stairs… Ohhhhhhh, my goodness… I’m up! Our morning routine was all out of whack, but we worked it out. I didn’t have any coffee or enough sleep but no one died.Β 

Then headed to get my blood drawn. The lady was wonderful, even used a premie needle… And just when I thought I would endulge in some wonderful Starbucks coffee… My phone rings… Asotin Elementary… “Graci is sick”, the secretary says… Yet, later Graci admits she wanted to hang out with Kimbo.Β 

But really, who can blame her? I wanna snuggle with her all day too!

Work was difficult. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Came home to gorgeous flowers, pic to come when they open up, and this sexy man in one sexy hat.Β 

He even moved my spinning bike into the living room for me after dinner. How did I get this lucky!?!?!

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