Thermogenic + 2 Cups of Coffee + PreWorkout = Super Woman

Woke up early this morning, started my run early, since today was a “rest day”, I just ran for forty minutes, without regard to time or speed, reading blogs and articles. It felt great. Got the girls’ bathroom clean, cleaned the basement and moved the coach to accommodate moving my bike downstairs with my treadmill. Then got the girlies up, dressed, hair done, breakfast made, lunches packed, reading logs signed, kissed and out the door. Then set about more housework, laundry, cleaned out the leftovers in the fridge from the holidays, dumped all the junk in the pantry from stockings/homemade candy & cookies, prepared ribs for dinner in the crock pot, then finally separating the trash that made its way into the cardboard recycling and loading the Subaru with the recycling. Point being, the earlier I wake up the more I accomplish (with the help of my thermogenic, two cups of coffee, and my PreWorkout). 

Work was another day of chaos, my giant to do list just got longer, and more families needed to see me than I could even fit on my schedule… But days like this, I feel so on my game, and so good about what I do. I totally LOVE my job, and the people I work with are pretty awesome too. 

Tonight, we swung by the pool after I got home, even talked BBEEAALL into swimming with me. Being in the water after a stressful day, feels so good, like I literally can feel the stress leaving my body into the water. We didn’t swim a lot of laps, but it was a perfect way to de-stress. Since dinner was done, we came home and ate right away. 

Then… This Happened:

What??? A Gore jersey and a hat?!?!? Go Niners!!!

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