Chapter One 01.01.14

Happy New Year 2014! 
Great little day off! Today was technically a “rest day” but it was a perfect day to get Kimbo out for a run. We ran two very slow (and distracted) miles. The levee was very busy and Kimbo was very interested in everyone, excited to see the bikes, and less than friendly to passing by dogs. Made for an erratic few miles but it was nice just to be running outside. Came home, grabbed the girls, they rollerbladed & rode the scooter, while we (Kimbo & I) walked with them. When we returned home we played Just Dance on the Kinect. 

Good day as far as eating goes too. 
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/2c crab, 1c mushrooms, a string cheese, 1/2c light vanilla almond milk & 2c coffee. 
Lunch: 1/2c crab, 2c lettuce, 2T cesear salad dressing & an orange
Dinner: 1c homemade lentil soup, 5 whole wheat ritz crackers

I’m short on calories tonight, so I’ll have a skinny cow ice cream bar and some kettle corn prior to turning it in for the night. 🙂 woot. 

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