Goodbye 2013!

They are here! My Mizuno Wave Prophecy 2’s arrived yesterday, with a note saying, “Welcome to Team Mizuno! Make Us Proud”. Nothing could end this crazy year like my final run of the year in these gems. 

They felt great. They are far more structured and supportive than the Mizuno Syonaras I have been running in, which is Mizunos minimalist shoe. Today was a great little 3 miles on my treadmill, with speed work at the end. And I felt great. Prior to that, while watching You, Me & Dupree, I did the back, abs, hip strength training I’ve been working on. 

Ate great today too. Breakfast was my shake, same as yesterday’s but minus the frozen fruit and plus a scoop of isolate protein powder. 

Lunch was in a meeting, but 4oz of salmon, 1/2c cottage cheese, and 1/2c mandarin oranges. 

I then had a 100 calorie bag of popcorn. Dinner was at Zanys, with my brother (returning today to his Army base in Georgia), my sissy, her husband, Bill and the girls. It was nice. Afterward we went to the pool. And I swam away some stress. (Seems I’ve been carrying around a lot of it lately, and working out both in the morning and again at night is helping with this.)

Now, we are all home hanging out. Playing some games and hanging out, awaiting a new year. Hope this year brings some positive changes, lots of quality memorable moments with my girls, a healthy newborn niece and some Personal Records in my running. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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