Pre-Meditation… Guilty.

The end of the year is approaching… And I have big racing plans for 2014 with 6 races I have already committed to, and with two big sponsors watching my race times. My goal is to set my fastest race times this year, and to finally, finally run a Sub-4 Hour Marathon. Reading up on triathlon training, since getting my new book “The Triathlete’s Training Bible” by Joe Friel, and think that I will focus on building my platform for swimming and biking for a 2015 Triathlon… I feel like this year I need to focus on my races, my speed goals and fulfilling my sponsorship obligations. I also am focusing on my nutrition, not for a weight loss, but for race performance and general health.

Yesterday was a really rough day for me. My youngest daughter, Grace, is having some health issues, and I received results from her latest doctor tests that were not ideal. To make matters more difficult, she is at her father’s house until Sunday, so not only can I do nothing about it (the doctor is out til Monday) but I can’t even hold her and snuggle her and kiss her little face. Sooo… Although I had a nice run and strength workout, I needed to shift my focus off my baby girl, so I went to the pool. Swimming was actually surprisingly very therapeutic. I felt good and strong and all my stress was just sucked right out of my body. Exercise is so good for my stress levels.

So this morning, had another nice run on my treadmill (geez, I have become a fair weather runner) after some back and hip strengthening. And my back feels pretty dang good right now. Bill’s sons are at the house and he is pretty busy with them, so I should have some good opportunity to run outside this weekend with my favorite little running partner Kimbo. It also sounds like Bill’s sons are wanting to go to the pool again tonight. J WOO HOO!

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