Friday & Saturday Recap

Yesterday was shoulder strength training and my long run. Thankfully, I had Hangover to watch for my long run, as it was on the treadmill. 

Afterward was a nice cool down walk with my favorite workout partner, Kimbo. 

My youngest daughter, Grace, had a doctors appointment, she’s having some bladder issues, and more testing next week… Worries about my little baby girl…

Haili had her class party yesterday, she made gingerbread houses!

And to top off last night, Graci helped me make dinner, she LOVES to cook. 

Ms Kimbo woke up early this morning, exactly 5am… While I understand weekends are for resting, Kimbo does not… She expected workout time… The snow had come down all night. At the girls first opportunity they were out in the snow. 

Then Gingerbread man time!!!

Followed by a Coug game with friends. 🙂

And now, snuggle time with Ms Kimbo and watching my new fav show Homeland. 

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