What a Monday…

To say today was crazy would be an understatement… Work was completely insane. Sometimes I want to wear a shirt to work that says: Social Worker NOT a Miracle Worker. Everything did work out well or least will with a little work. Started out well with a pace workout of three miles, followed by a short little walk in the snow with Ms Kimbo. I could not love this little dog more.Β 

After a crazy day at work and my poor hubby going to the doctor again, (for which is now a Chronic Sinus Infection and he is miserable) I stopped and got his antibiotics and headed home to two rambunctious kiddos and a wild dog. Thankfully dinner was ready (I’m a crockpot addict and not afraid to admit it) and we were quickly eating chicken tacos, followed by Santa letters and Candyland. Kimbo by the way is not impressed with being ignored.Β 
Now snuggling my poor sick Bill and catching up on Deadwood with an excellent glass of Sangria.Β 

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