100th Blog Post

Today is my 100th Blog Post… How funny is that? Today started out amazingly. After a great night’s sleep, I woke up BEFORE my 5am alarm and was actually looking forward to my morning workout. Used my new PreWorkout, excellent!!! Had legs for strength, so did kettlebell squats, kettlebell walking lunges, kettlebell flat back dead lifts, kettlebell plie squats, kettlebell calf raises and kettlebell sitting calf raises, followed … Continue reading 100th Blog Post

Self Assessments, a Confession & Next Weeks Plan

A couple of interesting self assessments in my new book, The Triathletes Training Bible by Joe Friel, that applies to running as well. The first, a Personal Profile looking at where my strengths lie between Force, Speed & Endurance. Endurance score, 5/5, seems like a no-brainer, endurance is my strong suit, hence my preference of marathons to 5ks. Speed score, 1/5, also not a shocker, … Continue reading Self Assessments, a Confession & Next Weeks Plan

Pre-Meditation… Guilty.

The end of the year is approaching… And I have big racing plans for 2014 with 6 races I have already committed to, and with two big sponsors watching my race times. My goal is to set my fastest race times this year, and to finally, finally run a Sub-4 Hour Marathon. Reading up on triathlon training, since getting my new book “The Triathlete’s Training … Continue reading Pre-Meditation… Guilty.

Friday & Saturday Recap

Yesterday was shoulder strength training and my long run. Thankfully, I had Hangover to watch for my long run, as it was on the treadmill.  Afterward was a nice cool down walk with my favorite workout partner, Kimbo.  My youngest daughter, Grace, had a doctors appointment, she’s having some bladder issues, and more testing next week… Worries about my little baby girl… Haili had her … Continue reading Friday & Saturday Recap

Craziness = More Efficient

It’s been a crazy few days… Work has been hectic with a lot of difficult residents and even more difficult families. It’s crazy because the more difficult work is, the more efficient and on my game I am.  Struggled with a slight cold but it lightened up today. Thankfully. This is Kimbo’s bitterness at my foam roller and running shoes for taking my time away … Continue reading Craziness = More Efficient

Bill to the Rescue!

(Kimbo’s Holiday Spirit) This week has continued to be extremely stressful at work. State complaint surveyor in the facility yesterday, ruining plans to go watch my step-son’s Christmas program, all around a shitty day. Even a good run yesterday didn’t keep the crappy day away.  Today was much better, starting with Bill bringing me my favorite coffee and spinach and feta wrap from Starbucks to … Continue reading Bill to the Rescue!