What a crazy day!

Up early, so sore I could hardly move! Did 30 minutes of Pilates and 25 minutes of Spinning!! Felt good.  Watched “Girls”, totally hilarious and excited to start watching it!

Two days before Thanksgiving, a week after vacation, the only social worker in an 87 bed care facility, turns out to be a crazy time… My schedule is still crazy from my vacation, but finally starting to catch up. Ate as planned! Packed all my meals, and ate a yummy crab and mushroom egg scramble for dinner while the fam had lasagna. 🙂

So two big huge things happened today too…

One, heard back from Mizuno. If I am willing to do two marathons and a total of six races in 2014 they would extend a shoe sponsorship. Meaning I get two pairs of shoes and “race gear” in exchange for wearing it at the races. Visited with Mr Bill about it, as it does cut into “our time”, and he was all for it!!! Woo hoo!!! Now to decide on the races! 

Two, I think we finally found my running partner!!! Filed the 6 page application, and will have our phone interview tomorrow, if all goes well we can see her Friday (hopefully bring her home that day too). I could not be more excited. I think we have settled on the name Anakin. Super excited, really hoping everything pans out. 

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