A great little Monday

Great morning workout. Did legs and abs this morning followed by thirty minutes on my treadmill. Normally my run being indoors and on the treadmill feels like eternity, but today it actually felt pretty good. πŸ™‚
First day back to work after my 10 days off. To say that I had a lot of catching up to do is an understatement. But you know, after being told a few times that I was missed, I felt pretty happy to be at work and to be appreciated there. And as the day went on, and I was doing the catching up, I realized just how much I really do love my job.Β 
Ate perfectly today, from beginning to end, and am feeling really good about where I am headed with this challenge (minus my 6 day bender in Vegas).Β 
Had a nice night at home too. Came home from work to Bill and the girls hanging out. Made Homemade Monestrone soup and biscuits, we all ate and everyone liked the soup. Played a game of chess with Bill that I sadly lost. Joked and snuggled with him, while the girls did their homework and reading. Now that the girls are tucked away in bed we are watching Sunday’s Walking Dead.Β 
Have I mentioned how much I like Bill? He’s so funny and so cute. It’s true.
All in all an good little Monday. And because I found this today and totally cracked up, a little jokey jokey for you. πŸ™‚ (sorry Ash, spoiled it for you.)Β 

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