Day 1 of Week 2 – Right On Track!!!

So this morning, weighed in first thing, and I’M DOWN 4 POUNDS! Hurray!

Today, went just as it should have even with sending off my inlaws this morning. Up at 5 to lift, back and biceps, increased my weight and/or reps on almost all of the lifts. Got the girlies up and around, inlaws on their way to Arizona and was still on my treadmill to run at 7! Woo hoo for staying on track. 

Still fighting this DAMN cold but am just sure it will pass soon. Hopefully. 

On track all day with my eating, a little shy on overall calories but busy, dramatic, hectic day at work, so I forgave myself that I couldn’t get everything down.

Had lunch with my honey, my fav salad minus cheese and the delicious little tortilla strips, only 1T ranch and 1/4c salsa. Yum. 

Bill bought he and the girls takeout, so dinner was a snap. Hurray. 
Feeling good!!!!

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