Road ID Sponsorship & Another Successful Day!!!!

Today I was notified that I received another running sponsorship. I am really excited about this, as it is a really cool product! Road ID! Check them out! So my mom bought me my first Road ID while living in a very small logging town when I did the majority of my running on back roads, my mom was just sure that I would be hit by a car or logging truck and that no one would know who to call. So she ordered me a Road ID, and I totally loved it! 

My first one was a pink one like this. 
The second one I got was like this, without the badge, also pink. 
My eating was excellent today, and after a great day yesterday, I am feeling good about how I’m eating.  Finished last night off with baked chicken, baked potato and baked butternut squash. 

This morning was Greek Yogurt, raspberries, a banana, granola & green tea. 

Followed by a delicious BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad at Zanys with my sweety. 

Dinner was grilled salmon, cooked carrots, and another baked potato with 2T fat free sour cream (I bought a bag of potatoes the same day my mom bought a giant box of them and shared… So expect a ton of potatoes for this three week weight loss…). 


Bill and I swam again tonight. I felt great. I’m totally getting the breathing. Felt good. And faster. Woot. So for my earned calories, I’m savoring a glass of Sangria as I type. 🙂 double win. 
Too frigid to run in the morning??? We shall see. 

Race Weight

I’ve recently been reading a little about this… And the benefits of being at race weight, the increase in speed, better endurance, etc. I am about 8# off of my ideal race weight with three weeks from yesterday until my “make-up marathon”, as I will be calling this tiny local marathon. 🙂 

The plan… I am a planner, and this works very, very effectively for me. My running and workout schedule has been for shit the last few weeks, I have 99 reasons (and a bitch ain’t one, lol) why but nothing that isn’t easily fixable… 

Issue one, my diet plain flippin sucks. Some of the needed adjustments: Bill and I eat out roughly three lunches or more a week, and he loves carb-loaded dinners, I love cooking, and it isn’t working, ELIMINATE EATING OUT & MAKE HEALTHY DINNERS… Diet soda, I love it, and it hates me, and usually loads on a pound or two of water weight, last one in the fridge this morning is now gone, therefore I won’t be buying more, REMOVE DIET PEPSI & ENTER TEA. Secret snacking… I will admit that often, especially Tuesdays and Thursdays when I get home two hours before Bill, I snack on the most unhealthy things in the house, UNPLANNED SNACKING IS ENDING. Water, I am not a fan of water, I know I should be, I understand all the benefits, I just plain don’t drink enough of it… This is coming to an end too, PACKING AROUND THE BUBBA CUP is happening. I log my food on MyFitnessPal, and it is extremely effective, unless I feel like a hog and quit part way through the day, usually around 3pm, so back to LOGGING EVERYTHING I EAT OR DRINK. These major adjustments will make it easy for me to lose these 8# prior to November 2nd, planning to lose three pounds this week, three pounds the next and two the last week before the marathon. 

Workouts… Because I will need to fit in another long run prior to race day, I will need to work that in this Sunday… So my training schedule looks a little like this:
     Monday: Pilates, Spinning 1 hour
     Tuesday: Treadmill 5 miles, Swimming 15 laps
     Wednesday: Pilates, Spinning 1 hour
     Thursday: Treadmill 5 miles, Swimming 15 laps
     Friday: Rest
     Saturday: Easy 3 miles
     Sunday: 18 miles, long and slow

So far today, great little breakfast of 1/2c non-fat greek yogurt, granola and banana. Brought my BUBBA cup to work and have already polished of a cup of green tea. 

Morning snack: (sorry no pic) Yummy Orange!

Lunch: (Bill isn’t working, so meeting him at home for lunch went as planned today! Hurray!) Made a baked potato (if it’s in the microwave is it still a baked potato?), topped it with a half of a sauteed onion, and 2T of Tillamook’s fat free sour cream. This was too heavenly to be only 157 calories, but it really was. SWEET SUCCESS. 

Afternoon Snack: (sorry again, no pic, and won’t be eaten til around 3pm) 1 oz of almonds

Dinner: Grilled Salmon, Corn and some yummy brown rice… Pic may come later… hard to say. 

Swimming is Coming Along :)

Happy to report my swimming is coming along. Had a great swim workout at the pool tonight. My breathing felt good, my strokes more even, and overall much smoother. It was a hectic day at work, and I got real stress relief tonight at the pool for the first time. 20 lengths of the pool, which is the distance of the sprint triathlon, so guess what? It’s doable. 🙂

Made an excellent Vegetarian Mexican Salad last night, and enjoyed again today in a lunch meeting. 


My Shitty Motivation & Top Five Reasons I LOVE To Run

I’d like to say that I have been trucking along like I always have and my running has been amazing and I haven’t been a giant grouchy baby, BUT that’s not the case… I haven’t been out for a run for about two weeks, not a short shitty one, not on my treadmill, not a damn single one… Why? No idea. I am a grouch about it too. I have been sick, fair enough, but I have been better since yesterday… I swam yesterday, yes, but really? That too is an excuse. My iron is low, leaving me on the anemic side of things, again, lame excuse. So tonight, I will quit being such a baby, a grouch and weiner and get out for a run. 

Top 5 Reasons That I Love To Run (Maybe I just need a reminder)
1. My number one reason will always be that it helps me find peace. It is me running with me. And loving it. 
2. Running starts my day out or ends my day right, it leaves me feeling rejuvenated.  
 3. Running improves my mood, and takes all the stress that I carry around away, in turn making me an easier person to be around, and live with…
4. Running is good for you. I feel healthiest when I am running. 
5. I love buying new running shoes!!! Ha!


Well tonight while the girls were at swimming lessons, Bill and I did a little swimming of our own. It never ceases to amaze me that something I have done all my life, I can be so crappy at technically. It felt good to be in the water, and my lungs were stronger than previously when I swam. It’s going to take time and patience, certainly not my strongest traits…

Haili’s 8th Birthday

Successfully had too many children in Spot On Yogurt for my oldest daughters 8th birthday. Was a very nice night. 🙂 

Epic Fail

So the morning of the Portland Marathon came and I was not at the starting line… I was lying in bed, in my MILs house, in between bouts of puking… Disappointed doesn’t begin to describe the failure that I was feeling… Flat painful failure.