Right On Track

Everything is going quite perfectly! 

This morning started with Leg Day. And I was hurting before it was through, but good hurting, a hurting I haven’t felt in a long while. Leg Day consisted of Kettlebell Squats, Walking Kettlebell Lunges, Stiff Legged Dead Lift, Plié Kettlebell Squats, Kettlebell Calf Raises, Seated Kettlebell Calf Raises and max effort Kettlebell Swings. Finished up, got the girls around and out the door and hopped on my treadmill for a 30 minute run, which helped Loosen up my dead legs. Awesome start to my day. 

Below you see an ass I hope to some day achieve. 

Work has been playing against my willpower… Today there were cupcakes in the Management Team Mtg, there was a baked food sale and a cake decorating contest… Seriously?? But who stayed exactly on track? This girl. 🙂

Meal #1:
2c Mushrooms
1 Tomato
1c Egg Whites
1 Onion

Meal #2
10 Strawberries
1/4c Greek Yogurt

Meal #3
1/2c Crab
1/2 can Baby Corn
2c Spinach
1 Tomato
2T low cal Caesar salad dressing

Meal #4
2c Stirfry
10 Baby Carrots

Meal #5
8oz Shredded Sweet Potato
4oz Chicken Breast
1/2c Cottage Cheese

Meal #6
1c Raspberries
1/4c Greek Yogurt

Hurray! And even though I’m not supposed to weigh or measure til Monday, I did, and I’m down a few pounds already!!! 🙂

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