Today, I am Serious Business.

Feeling pretty dang good on day 2, and crazy enough feeling sore! Both my back and biceps!!!

Today’s workout was chest, triceps and abs… Whoa. Serious business. My arms were exhausted by the time I finished up. Oddly enough no cardio today… I struggled with this but stuck with the plan… Cardio, four days a week, lifting five. 

My eating went a little better today, at least I didn’t think I was going to explode, but was totally stuffed today…

Breakfast was my two cups of coffee and 1/2c almond milk at home, then at my office I ate 1/2c cottage cheese, two tomatoes, and 1/2 of a can baby corn. Which I actually enjoyed and didn’t feel overly stuffed first thing in the morning. 

My second meal was 1c raspberries, 1/4c Greek yogurt and some green tea. 


Third meal was split due to meetings… But was 1/2c crab, 2c acorn squash and 2c cabbage. 

And my fourth meal was a delicious 1/2c crab, 2c spinach, 1 tomato and 2T low calorie ceasear salad. Yum. The picture didn’t make it to my photo stream apparently… Hmm…

I still need to eat 1c strawberries, which sounds excellent. 🙂

TOMORROW IS LEG DAY!!! Oh shoot. Have a feeling my body is going to be a little pissed at me… I bought two more dumbbells tonight, 5# heavier! And another kettlebell. Again, today, I am serious business. 

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