Right On Track

Everything is going quite perfectly!  This morning started with Leg Day. And I was hurting before it was through, but good hurting, a hurting I haven’t felt in a long while. Leg Day consisted of Kettlebell Squats, Walking Kettlebell Lunges, Stiff Legged Dead Lift, Plié Kettlebell Squats, Kettlebell Calf Raises, Seated Kettlebell Calf Raises and max effort Kettlebell Swings. Finished up, got the girls around and out the door and hopped … Continue reading Right On Track

Today, I am Serious Business.

Feeling pretty dang good on day 2, and crazy enough feeling sore! Both my back and biceps!!! Today’s workout was chest, triceps and abs… Whoa. Serious business. My arms were exhausted by the time I finished up. Oddly enough no cardio today… I struggled with this but stuck with the plan… Cardio, four days a week, lifting five.  My eating went a little better today, … Continue reading Today, I am Serious Business.

12 Week Challenge – Day 1 – Success

Wow… Day one went perfectly as planned… Other than I feel like I have eaten non-stop all day long…  This is the breakdown of my day… 5am: Alarm goes off, I can here my coffee brewing in the kitchen, and make it out of bed. Obstacle #1 tackled. 🙂 So I enjoy my cup of coffee with 1/4c of almond milk. Heavenly.  5:15am: Start my … Continue reading 12 Week Challenge – Day 1 – Success

Road ID Sponsorship & Another Successful Day!!!!

Today I was notified that I received another running sponsorship. I am really excited about this, as it is a really cool product! Road ID! Check them out! So my mom bought me my first Road ID while living in a very small logging town when I did the majority of my running on back roads, my mom was just sure that I would be hit … Continue reading Road ID Sponsorship & Another Successful Day!!!!