Birthday Weekend

Friday was my birthday, turned 29, my last year that I can say “I am in my twenties”… Not that my twenties have been quite the ride I had anticipated they would be… At 20, I thought I had the whole world by the balls. At 21, I had my first child, my world became less about me and totally about her. At 22, I had my second daughter, too soon, but wouldn’t trade her for the world. By the time I was 25, I was exactly where I was at 22… I was home raising my two baby girls, they were 100% my world… Then my world came crashing down… At 26, I was divorced, I was a single mom, a single working mom. My world changed, my view of everything and everyone in the world changed. At 27, I decided it was time to become a big girl and get my life back in order, but that took two full years, of almost nothing but hard hitting mistakes… So this year, after a year of meeting, dating and marrying the man of my dreams, I plan to enjoy being in my twenties again, as the final hurray of my 20s and the complete 180 that occurred in that time…

Starting that out… I will run the Portland Marathon in less than a week, hoping to PR that race, everything in my training looking like that will be the case. And on a good note, the weather for Portland looks like it should be perfect! This was a blurb from the Portland Marathon newsletter released this morning. 
Bill had a court hearing this morning that had mu stomach in knots, so no run this morning, tonight I will make that up and relieve some stress with an easy 5 miles. The rest of the week looks like this: Tuesday, bike or spin; Wednesday, easy four; Thursday, bike or spin; Friday, easy four & leave for Portland that evening; Saturday, rest; SUNDAY: MARATHON. 

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