Stress fracture + heels = torture (duh)

I was supposed to go to this marketing lunch with some people from our corporate building and because I was a little nervous, I decided heels were a good decision, which it turns out they were not. My foot was aching by the time I left the facility. And I still hadn’t run yet. It was storming out, with lightening, so a treadmill run was the only option, and honestly (and don’t tell Bill this) exactly what my foot needed. A nice four mile tempo run on a soft, forgiving surface. 

Read several articles today about stress fractures, one thing they stressed over and over was icing the fracture after a run. So today, while my chores sat and looked at me while I iced my foot and sat and looked at them. 
I did find this excellent packing list for the marathon. Which is perfect considering I will be running my twenty mile run Thursday out of town and will want to run in everything just as I plan for the marathon…
And I stole this from another blog I read, because I love it. 

Everything hard for me can be handled usually between a good cry or a good run. And there is no where love more than the ocean. 

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