It all started with my husband recommending a chiropractor.

Started my morning after the girlies were out the door waiting for the bus, parked the car at the bottom of the hill, take my first Nuun Electrolyte tablet and start off on my morning run, about 1/4 mile in, I start getting an aura… The aura foretelling a dreaded migraine.  The aura typically takes over an hour, and usually makes it difficult to drive as it clouds my vision until it clears, so rather than skip the remainder of my morning run, I finished my run… I was disappointed to not know if my Nuun tablet had any effect on my run but by the time I returned to the car my aura had ended. 

Bill had decided that my migraine was a result of this tweak I’ve been struggling in my back… After an agreement I would give a chiropractor a chance if he greed that regardless of what the chiropractor said I would not stop running nor would I miss the marathon. With that (and this is the most important part of this story) Bill made me an appointment to see a chiropractor. To say I was skeptical would not begin to cover it. Bill sends me a text with a lady’s name and credentialing, I google her, read her entire website, her education, her background, her beliefs surrounding chiropractic care and nutrition, I feel more confident that she’s not a total flake… That is until we pull into her “office”, which appears to be a house, in a residential neighborhood that is totally run down and plain flippin’ sketchy. We walk in to see that the lobby area is separated from the “treatment area” by a mere room separator… With a man getting a treatment… And, there are cats, three I believe total… A cat promptly hops up to greet Bill.
In this picture Bill is texting me, apologizing for this disaster. And then the most amazing thing happened, the lady twisted me around, uncomfortably placed her body too close to mine, but made my back feel amazing. She put some icy hot on at the end and this amazing tape, called Rock Tape (I even got on their website and applied for their sponsorship after using this stuff). This combination is HEAVEN. 

We also discussed my foot… It boils down to this… My bones are weak, because of my lack of calcium. My foot isn’t going to become any less broke, it needs to heal, which it can after the marathon. Until then Calcium with Vitamin D to help not further the bone issues… That makes my list of supplements to now be, Multi-Vitamin, Iron, Rhodiola rosea, Cordyceps, Echinacea, Vitamin C & 5-HTP… A pile of pills. 

On another note, Bill installed a new garage door opener tonight, and I could not believe it, who just does that!?!? It’s so quiet compared to the old one, since its on a rubber track rather than a chain. Pretty cool!!!

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