Maybe I’m Getting Old…

Enjoyed another nice little morning run this morning. I had not thought about the fact that I have not had a single rest day since last Saturday, the day before my 14 mile run… Hmm… As I squirmed around in standup with a sore back and an aching foot I made this realization… There may be some reasoning behind the rest… When I was CrossFitting, I did six days all the time, only resting on Sunday… What is this all about?!?!? Maybe I’m getting old…

Anyways, a four mile loop this morning. My FASTEST four miles to date… 7:58, 7:53, 7:56 & 7:38!!!! I am never fast, ever, so this was pretty damn exception for me. πŸ™‚ My goal for the marathon is sub-4 hours, so hitting under 9:10 per mile is the goal… But for 26.2 miles. Which is much different than 4… I am feeling really good about my training, feeling faster than I was for my last one. Minus my foot…
My foot is still hurting… It aches the first mile or so, then it like dulls… Then once I stop it starts throbbing… And hurts off and on throughout the day, to where I am now walking on my foot with that part slightly tilted… Which long term I assuming is not healthy… Assuming, as I haven’t seen a doctor about it… I have not been taking anything, hoping that if I only take ibuprofen the day of the actual marathon it won’t hurt at all. Right? This foot thing is really a moot point, if its a stress fracture it’ll just be a worse fracture after the race, they won’t do anything except say “stay off it and let it heal”. So I will do that….. Just not til October 7th. God, maybe I really am getting old…
And this is a pic of my girlies this morning… Aren’t they the cutest???

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