Perfect Morning Run

It is amazing to me what a difference running in the morning does to my mood. Amazing. Woke up at 5:30, made a little coffee, did my morning routine of chores (dishes, girls’ lunches, load of laundry, wipe down bathrooms and sweep), went down to get the girlies up, who I must say are the most adorable in the early morning, they are so sweet and snuggly and nice. They were excited when I reminded them that we were going to Orofino tonight to go to Lumberjack Days, which secretly I am very excited about too. They love to have their little tiny backs scratched while I help them choose their clothes and get dressed in the morning, and they hate having their hair done, so it is a fair trade. Back upstairs for their breakfast and my second cup of coffee. Ate a bowl of oatmeal, so I would be ready to run within the hour. The girls go out to the bus at 7am, so I kissed them and Mr. Bill goodbye and headed out for a nice cool run. It was 61 degrees out, no breeze sun up. I felt like I could run all day, I mean all day. My legs felt great, my lungs amazing with the cold air, and my mood immediately uplifted. So although today is actually a “rest day”, I ran a nice 5 miles, at a nice relaxing pace of 8:18 min/mile. Felt great. By the time I had made it home Bill had left for the day, he has big stuff going on at work, so instead of taking his morning calls at home, he had to meet a co-worker at his office at 8am. So the house was empty, and completely quiet. Turned on some music and got around for work, a perfect way to start the day. 🙂 

Earlier this week the medical director of our building was asking about my marathon, we had been talking about it earlier and my tendency to run a little anemic. I explained that I was thinking of getting an iron injection, and about some other health related things, and finally he said “Brandi, could it be you are a OCD?”, he says this to me often, and I said “No, I just want to be in complete control,” and he said “You can’t control everything! I feel sorry for your husband!”… Ha, maybe I should too… I do just wish that I had complete control over my health and this marathon. My biggest fear is getting sick with the increase in my running, which knocks down your immune system a little… Increased my Vitamin C supplement and started Echinacea for the month… So here is to controlling what I can. 🙂 

Last night I ended up having to do my run on my treadmill. The girls were in and out of the house with the two neighbor girls. Haili made her way downstairs with the youngest of the neighbors and said, with complete and utter pride, “Look how fast my mom runs. When I am older I am going to do races with my mom.” That little comment, her face so serious and proud just made me really, really thankful that she sees running as a healthy thing that she wants to be doing too, just like me. 🙂  

Tonight, running away to Orofino to see my mom, with my sissy, the girls and Mr. Bill. Going to be a late night, at least for an old lady like me, but totally worth it. 🙂 My mom just came to see me at work actually, and brought me some of her amazing homemade cookies, don’t tell her but I talked everyone else into eating them… Sorry mom!!!

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