It’s not my shoes, it’s my damn foot…

Well after a weird day at work, I arrived home to my sponsorship shipment from OGIO International. They sent me a really cool Tri-bag which is the coolest thing you have ever seen and their latest backpack, both imprinted with OGIO Advisory Staff, how cool. I think Bill was more excited than anyone, rushing home from work to check them out. Pretty cool for my marathon gear!!!

Did my run on the levee tonight, five mile loop. It was nice and cool out. The sun setting as I started and nearly dark by the time I returned. It was cool. And felt great. I had been thinking that maybe my shoes have been the reason for my recent foot pain, unfortunately tonight after testing out my Under Armour shoes instead, my foot hurt worse… Clearly my shoes are not the issue, but instead my foot is…
Tonight, an equally weird night, sipping a delicious glass of wine and having a block of delicious dark chocolate, watching Boardwalk Empire. πŸ™‚Β 

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