Labor Day

First let me remind you, five weeks until the marathon. πŸ™‚ Time to dig deep, hit all my long runs and eat with running in mind.Β 

There is something you should know… I have a serious running clothes addiction… I’ll begin by saying that this weekend I bought a pile of clothes, only one non-running t-shirt (although its a Nike tee, but its a Cougs one and I wouldn’t wanna sweat all over my Cougs) and a Prana jacket (which if I could ever convince Bill to take me hiking, I could totally wear for that). Everything way for running…

Prior to these new additions, this is my running TOPS drawer.Β 
Followed by my running BOTTOMS drawer.
And then my running gear drawer. (Keep in mind this does not include my sports bras)
So needless to say I did not need more running gear… Thankfully Bill is a saint about my running, even so much that while checking out at the Under Armour outlet, he asked the cashier if they had the other two colors of my fav running tank as a size small in the back, AND THEY DID. πŸ™‚Β 
Even though a caffeinated Bill promised a bike ride and run this morning, he stayed up all night on his iPad, ending in a sleepy Bill this morning. He knows that one, I get over anything after a run, and my whole mood is one hundred times better afterward. So with that, he shoved me out the door and played on his iPad and Xbox at the same time, while I ran.Β 

This morning’s run was a nice 6.25 around the bridges. Super cool out, even a few raindrops. I wore my brand new LiveStrong capris, LiveStrong sports bra, Nike socks and UA tank. Loving my new digs!!!
These are the capris, and the reason I totally love them is the sneaky little key pocket just below my lower back. Perfect.Β 
Tonight Bill has a 7pm Xbox live date with his middle son and I am forcing the girls out on their bikes with me, although they have both already refused. πŸ™‚Β 

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