Hi, I’m Haili & Graci’s Mom **in a bikini**

Let’s just start this little post out by saying, I am extremely self conscious… Extremely. And until meeting Bill, and him helping me with this horrible self image that I have, I owned ONE pair of shorts, ONE (that technically I didn’t own, but I stole fair and square from my sister, but in fairness she didn’t like them…). Anyways, being around people, especially strangers or people that I do not know well in my bathing suit is not something that I enjoy. We did take the kids to aquatic center last weekend, and we did have a good time, but I knew only Bill and the kids and talked to NO ONE but them. So last night the school had a “back to school event” at the Aquatic Center. Who in their right mind wants to meet the parents of all their children’s classmates, that you will likely know and be around for the next ten or eleven years in their bathing suit? Are you kidding me? Thankfully, after having a slight anxiety issue in the parking lot, we got there and it wasn’t nearly like I had expected. One, Bill did not swim, therefore I did not feel obligated to swim. Two, only about half of the other parents actual swam, so I didn’t feel like the parents that were the party-poopers. So thankful last night, I did not meet any parents in my bikini. 🙂 They had a little BBQ set up for the kids, we did meet a few of the other parents and all-in-all it went quite well. 

This morning was a nice seven mile loop. It was dark out when I got up, which means that soon I am going to have to either start running at night or on my treadmill… School starts next Tuesday and that alone is going to put all kinds of kinks in my perfect running routine… Do I run after work when I am totally mentally drained? Will I start skipping runs because I am tired and have a million other things in my life that need my attention? How will I get long runs in when all I can think about is getting home to Bill and the girls, and the laundry, and the girls’ homework, and dinner???? And then I think, if I just run on my treadmill again, will I get the benefits of running outside that I truly need for my marathon? Ugh… Double Ugh. 

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