Ending the week…

Thursday… Wow. Long, long day…


Started the morning with a seven mile tempo run on the levee. Bill’s mom joined me, she started walking at the beginning of where I was running, and when she saw that I had turned around she did too. Bill’s mom is about the neatest lady I’ve ever met, she is this super cute, active, ball of energy with so much love for the people around her. The girls have already started calling her grandma, it speaks immensely about what kind of person she is. And I just love visiting with her. After our little workout, we sat and drank coffee until the nanny showed up, which is when I usually leave for work!


Work was long yesterday, there are days that I just feel like my job consumes every ounce of what I have available. It can be so mentally taxing, and wanting to take such good care of these people, sometimes when it is out of my control… Anyways,  a very unhappy family and an investigation, both in one day, on top of families coming in to the facility and two admissions… Stress…


Thursday night is gymnastics for the girls, they are getting so good. It impresses me their dedication and improvement since they started. My brother, who is an Arm Private that just graduated from EOD training was there last night too, he is still home through next week. His girlfriend that I had never met was with him too, really sweet girl. The boys, Bill and his mom all also came and watched the girls. It was nice for them to have a crowd and show off their abilities. J


We had the boys’ second birthday party Thursday night too, had my sister and her boyfriend over as well as everyone from gymnastics. The boys shared Bill’s oldest sons birthday a few weeks ago and this week they shared Bill’s middle son’s birthday. It is always nice to have a full house, everyone talking and laughing and playing… By the time the night ended, it was after ten and I was exhausted.


Friday… Last early morning of the week… Last day of the work week. Soooooo ready, and so glad it is Friday. Ran this morning on the levee, an easy four miles, honestly, a very slow one, it was after 11:30 before I made it to bed, so 5am came too soon. I was thinking the whole time how much peace my runs bring me. It gives me every bit of calm I need to make it through the day. And it was a long rough day…

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