Marathon Called Life…

Well yesterday, my computer and I got into a fight and my computer won. I completed my blog post and then my computer crashed… Sad, sad day. And because I was so mad at it, I didn’t get back in to redo it… So here we go again…
Wednesdays are now set up in my schedule for Cross-training days, and to be perfectly honest, I am no fan of cross-training… I have no idea why this is other than I increase my mileage by about 3 miles a week, and taking a day to not run and do something else kind of seems pointless to me… But I was reading on about the importance of training other muscle groups and how much that builds your overall endurance… And I love riding my bike… So, at 5am, I headed out on my bike and the bonus of the ride??? Bill came with me!!!!!! Bill is not a morning person, at all, but he told me the night before that he wanted to come, loaded the bikes and sure enough got right up with me to go. How lucky am I??? It was a nice 8 mile loop, and after how crazy busy we have been with my race last weekend and the chaos surrounding it and all the travel, having all the kids this week, Bill’s mom coming into town last night, and just our busy jobs, it was really nice to have that alone time with him, honestly it really was what I needed… Our lives get so hectic sometimes, so the time we do have is great…
On that note, sometimes I feel like our days are like running a marathon every single day… That we just keep running from task to task, that by the time we hit the end of the day we just crash… My daily routine normally (I’ll give an example when the boys aren’t here as that totally changes the dynamic of our house, my routine and how our house usually runs…)
5am: My alarm goes off, wrapped into Bill’s snuggle embrace is sooo difficult to climb out of, and occasionally I turn off my alarm and snuggle back in for about ten minutes longer. Then the day begins… I go out, start my tea, drink my  pre-workout (it takes about 20 minutes to start working), drink 16oz of water, eat my peanut butter and bread pre-workout snack, go back in and pull on my running clothes and shoes, kiss Bill goodbye, down more water and head out to the levee. My run typically takes an hour and two on my longer run days… This is the one moment of the day that is all mine, that no one is needing anything, no one can ask me for help, time or energy, it is all mine. Let me tell you, this hour will make or break my day, missing my run truly can ruin my entire mind set for the day.
Sometime around 6:30ish: Back from my run, pour my tea, empty the dishwasher, change the load of laundry, put load of laundry away, pick up living room from night before, go downstairs and pick up the kids’ areas, wiggle the girls to see if they will wake up, go back up and sweep the kitchen, then go in and kiss all over Bill’s sleepy little face.
7am: Shower, kiss Bill some more, get dressed for work, go down and get the girls in the shower, make Bill’s oatmeal, make my smoothie, go down and dress the girls and do their hair, they follow me up to hang out in the living room, the nanny arrives at 7:55 promptly, line out the girls’ worksheets for the day, let the nanny know anything that is going on, kiss the girls’ little faces then head to work (ideally Bill drives me).
8:30ish: The work marathon begins, working as the only social worker in a skilled nursing facility is stressful, there are 75-85 people in our facility every single day that have unlimited access to me, their families come to me for everything from discharge planning, support, complaints, to just being the only person they feel they can ask miscellaneous questions of…
Noon: Ideally I have lunch with Bill. And ideally it is just the two of us. I love this moment of the day. Having his undivided attention, talking about our mornings, and just connecting for that hour is totally what I need for the rest of the day to go smoothly…
1ish until the end of the work day, like 4-5pm: Work marathon continues…

Our nights are usually super busy, it seems like we have something going on most every night. When it is hot we try to get out on our boats and when it is cool we try to go for a bike ride, the girls have gymnastics every Thursday night and we usually go out for ice cream afterward… We eat dinner late, like around 7:30 usually, I try to keep our meals healthy… I get the dishes done and do another load of laundry, between my three to four outfit changes a day (running, work and lounging around the house, and if we go swimming or bike riding another), the girls multiple outfit changes for play, swimming and fun, and Bill’s changing for the day, we have a ton of laundry… That doesn’t include our piles of towels and bedding changes… Around 9pm, the girls go to bed, and again, Bill and I finally have a little time alone… I don’t last long snuggled in to Bill, but we are usually awake til about 10-11pm. Then the marathon ends for the day. J

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