New Mizuno Sayonaras! And my other fav gear!!!

Got my new Mizuno Sayonara shoes!!! They are great. Lightweight, good tight fit through my arch (I have a high arch, so this matters to me), and perfect amount of room in my toe box. And I love the way they look!

Headed out for my 7 mile run just after five, well 2 snooze buttons, a light snack, and a PreWorkout drink after five… Just before the sun came up. 

And returned not too long after it was up.

It was cool out, pretty, and no breeze. 
Here is some of my other favorite gear:
My Nathan Fanny Pack
Amazing. Lightweight. Close to your body. Stays in place. And can easily hold my mace, my key fob, my cell phone and a gel (or two). So it’s great for runs and races! Love this thing. 
My iPod, Bills BOSE ear buds and My arm band
I can’t run without music. I love my iPod. Bill convinced me to kick my MP3 player and I cannot agree more with him that Apple products are the best. I borrowed Bills BOSE earbuds one morning and never gave them back. They don’t move at all in your ears and NEVER fall out. They are amazing. The arm band I bought off, and use it everyday. I think they are all pretty much the same… Cheap and easy to use. 

DryMax Sport Socks
I recently got into these, money extremely well spent. I’m picky about my running socks, hate getting a blister. So these are perfect. And they have extra arch support. 
Under Armor Hat
I love this hat. I don’t like to worry about my hair getting in my face when I run. Nor do I want every passing car, runner and bicyclist to see my non-makeup face… Perfect for both. Comfy. Doesn’t hold sweat. Fits great. I love this hat. 

This morning, along with my foam rolling, did my Crunch Pilates video. It was a great additional stretch. I have forgotten how much I love Pilates. My back thanked me afterward. 🙂

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