Turns out 89 degrees isn’t much better to run in than 95 degrees…

Another hot run… 88 degrees, 6.1 miles, pace 8.0 min/mi… And my foot is totally killing me. Damn. I really was hoping it would be feeling better today. Ugh. Thankful for my embarrassing looking socks and Bio-freeze because whether they are helping my foot or not, they are amazing post-run. 

As I listen to Bill and his buddy Zach do their fantasy football draft I am reminded, it’s football season!!!!
I LOVE THE 49ers and they will be in Seattle, Sept 15th, thinking that I will need to get tickets, I mean, it’s right before my birthday and all. 

This is how nerdy Bill and Zach look right now… Ha!!!

And tomorrow night we are heading to Seattle for Bumbershoot, which is a ton of bands and comedians on a bunch of different stages around downtown Seattle. Really looking forward to it! Will be a great time!!! Plus, I LOVE Seattle!!

Not my best decision…

Well, because the girls started back to school this morning, and they will be getting on the bus at 7am and I am planning to be heading to work around that time, I am moving my running time to afternoons… But today’s decision to run around 4:30pm in 95 degrees was not my best decision… What was supposed to be a tempo nine mile RUN turned out to be a miserable, slow, 6.5 mile JOG… I don’t use the term jog, jogging or jogger to talk about my running, but today I am using that dirty little word… But my cotton tank and capris were too hot and I was sweating like pig… Not one of more attractive moments…

By the way, I also used my amazing, expensive ($44) compression socks for the first time tonight and even though I look like a total idiot in knee high socks that take a small miracle to get into, they feel great. They feel like getting an amazing leg massage without any of the awkward touching of a stranger. I wonder sometimes if Bill ever looks at me and thinks, ‘what the hell am I doing with this nerd’ as I walk around the house in these ridiculous looking socks and spandex shorts… Poor guy. 
These are the socks:
On a positive note, my foot wasn’t as horrible as it was previously. It didn’t feel like the burning sensation it did when it was fractured before, so I am really, really hoping the bone is just bruised. I did slather on some super Bio-Freeze that a wonderful co-worker found for me, and even if it isn’t helping or healing my wimpy foot, it still feels pretty damn good. 
And because I’m a mom and I think my girls are amazing and adorable, here are their first day of school pictures. 🙂 you will see the OGIO backpacks from my OGIO sponsorship!!! I also got a sweet new purse!!!

Do you hear me foot?

My foot and I are clearly not seeing eye to eye on this marathon situation. 
Me: “foot, I gave you three days off to heal”
Foot: “walking 13000 steps at Silverwood doesn’t count”
Me: “c’mon, I wrapped you up!”
Foot: “I am so sore”
Me: “we did our cross training day on the treadmill, what more do you want from me???”
Foot: “to heal, you bitch!”
Me: “fuck you foot!”
(It just got nasty from there…)
So, sitting here, icing my tender foot, pissily (and yes grammar nazis, I know that isn’t a word). After a 3.7 mile test run on the treadmill, today my foot wins…
On a plus, ended the girls’ summer break with a fun trip to Silverwood. 🙂

Stress Fracture

It only would make sense after the chaotic week that I’ve had that my foot would start hurting. I mean I have less than six weeks til the marathon and I haven’t had an injury yet… So of course, OF COURSE, my foot would start hurting… This hurt feels eerily familiar to the stress fracture my same foot endured three years ago… And dammit I’m running that marathon. If I have to limp the whole thing, I AM RUNNING IT. Fuck you foot. 

We are currently headed out of town for Spokane for the weekend. This is my ridiculous looking foot. 

Hi, I’m Haili & Graci’s Mom **in a bikini**

Let’s just start this little post out by saying, I am extremely self conscious… Extremely. And until meeting Bill, and him helping me with this horrible self image that I have, I owned ONE pair of shorts, ONE (that technically I didn’t own, but I stole fair and square from my sister, but in fairness she didn’t like them…). Anyways, being around people, especially strangers or people that I do not know well in my bathing suit is not something that I enjoy. We did take the kids to aquatic center last weekend, and we did have a good time, but I knew only Bill and the kids and talked to NO ONE but them. So last night the school had a “back to school event” at the Aquatic Center. Who in their right mind wants to meet the parents of all their children’s classmates, that you will likely know and be around for the next ten or eleven years in their bathing suit? Are you kidding me? Thankfully, after having a slight anxiety issue in the parking lot, we got there and it wasn’t nearly like I had expected. One, Bill did not swim, therefore I did not feel obligated to swim. Two, only about half of the other parents actual swam, so I didn’t feel like the parents that were the party-poopers. So thankful last night, I did not meet any parents in my bikini. 🙂 They had a little BBQ set up for the kids, we did meet a few of the other parents and all-in-all it went quite well. 

This morning was a nice seven mile loop. It was dark out when I got up, which means that soon I am going to have to either start running at night or on my treadmill… School starts next Tuesday and that alone is going to put all kinds of kinks in my perfect running routine… Do I run after work when I am totally mentally drained? Will I start skipping runs because I am tired and have a million other things in my life that need my attention? How will I get long runs in when all I can think about is getting home to Bill and the girls, and the laundry, and the girls’ homework, and dinner???? And then I think, if I just run on my treadmill again, will I get the benefits of running outside that I truly need for my marathon? Ugh… Double Ugh. 

Mommy Guilt

I cannot blog enough about the peace that my morning runs bring me. I know not everyone is a morning person, but I totally am. I remember as a small child waking up at 6am on every weekend day, ready to take on the whole world, regardless of what my mom thought about it. That has never changed for me. When I do sleep in, and I do on the weekend, my whole day is off, unproductive and my mood is foul… (Ask Bill, he can vouch for my need for a morning run.) This morning was no different. I woke just three minutes before my alarm, “Burn the Witch”, started playing from my phone, announcing to me to get up and get in my running shoes… 

I am selfish in the mornings. I mean totally selfish. When you get married, you give that other person your time, your attention, your support, your love. When you have children you give them whatever time, attention, support and love you have left to give. And you realize that your world is no longer just your world. That you cannot go to grocery store without considering how that effects everyone else in your home. Well 5am to 7am, is my time, my time alone, my time to be selfish, my time to do my thing… So my alarm goes off at 5am, and I selfishly have it across the room forcing me to get out of bed to shut it off, thus the alarm also wakes up Bill, SELFISH DEED #1. Bill never has complained about this, ever… I then kiss Bill all over his face, paying no attention to the fact that he is sleeping soundly and has no desire to wake up at that time, SELFISH DEED #2. I then change, grab my shoes, my iPod, and hat/headband from my ‘running drawer’, making noise which continues to keep Bill up, SELFISH DEED #3. I then kiss Bill a few more times, he tells me to be safe, and I head out the door, I do hut it behind me, because I am not done being noisy, SELFISH DEED #4. I go out and make my coffee, stretch a little, remind myself that I need to run, that the marathon is coming, and ultimately make my way out the door. I drive to wherever I have mapped my run from and park the car… I leave my cell phone in the car. No one, no emergency at home or at work will interrupt my run, this hour is all mine, so if something  is going to happen that will need my immediate attention, I highly recomend that it wait until after 6:30-7am, SELFISH DEED #5. And then I run. I do not think about the chores at home I could be doing, I do not think about the work that I left undone the day before, I do not think about anyone, at all, but me, my run, my time, my pace, how my body feels, this is my time, SELFISH DEED #6. When I am done, I am back to the real world, back home, back to obligations, back to real life. But that selfish time, that is all mine, absolutely mine.

That whole giant rant just brings me to another point… Mommy Guilt. My oldest daughter is athletic, she is driven and she a ball of fiery energy. She has been asking if when I wake up in the morning to run, I will wake her up and let her go with me. This is where Mommy Guilt enters. I know it is important to encourage her desire to run, I know that I should include her in my morning runs, and I know that I should wake her up and take her with me… But I don’t. I have a list of reasons, it’s 5am, she’s 7 years old and needs her sleep, its chilly out, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. But it really boils down to the fact that I need this time alone, I need that piece of mind. I am a better mom, a better wife, a better employee, a better all around person when I run and have something that is my own… But I struggle with telling her no, with such a request. I need to find time to run with her… But after running 30 miles a week, I just don’t want to run more… Ugh, I need to figure this out…

My goal this week, take my baby girl for a run, and see her smiling face as she beams at me with the pride she does when she is doing something she knows I will be proud of her for… Cause she isn’t going to want to run with me forever… Isn’t she gorgeous? 

Skipping Right to Monday :)

Monday Morning was a terrific 4.5 mile run to start the week. Couldn’t find my iPod this morning, so ran without it, which I NEVER do. It was pretty nice, listening to the river, the birds and the rhythm of m feet… Nice way to start the day. 

Thursday Morning…

Had a terrific run Thursday morning, a 7 mile tempo run that could not have gone better… Great splits and great overall speed. Felt great. 

Followed by my favorite post-run smoothie with protein and glutamine. 

Dragging Ass on Tuesday but Killing It On Wednesday!

Tuesday was just all around an “off day” for me… My alarm went off, I went back to sleep, I usually give myself three minutes from my alarm to get up, yesterday I gave it ONE HOUR… So because of that lazy, lazy move, I had to take my run on my treadmill. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MY TREADMILL, but I wasn’t feeling it today, my morning running blogs that I usually read were not good running material (at least not as motivating as I like), Facebook was lame, and I was just NOT feeling it… Watched my display hit 2 miles, and I finally decided to do Pilates and count Tuesday as my Cross-Training Day… So when I miss my run, or my run stinks, my whole day is just “off”. Work was fine, but I certainly wasn’t at my best…

Last night, after work, Bill and I took the boats out, to our favorite little area, with the girlies. Which always, always is a nice way to spend some time with girls (allowing them to get some energy out) and to focus on Bill, just relaxing and visiting.

This morning went much better though I am happy to report. 🙂 Was up at 5am and did not fall back into my snuggly, snuggly spot next to Bill. Wore this cute little tank top that my sister bought me, that totally makes me feel like a badass when I run, and got my ass down to the levee… I was a little sore this morning, my knee and ankle… Not sure what that is about, but took some Ibuprofen before I started, and about mid-run my body gave in. 🙂 It was perfect out. My run felt really good, finishing 5 miles in pretty good splits. And amazingly my entire morning fell into place… I have this unbelievable surge of energy after a good run, so when I got home, I cleaned out the entire fridge and the entire pantry, putting everything back in it’s proper place and reminding myself which produce needs to be eaten, made and packed my lunch, and then made dinner in the crock pot so we could go back out on the boats tonight. 🙂 See what happens when I just get my ass up in the morning???? 

Well just finishing my lunch, better get back to the daily grind at work, which also, is going great.   

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