Foam Rollin’ & Bustin’ Heads

Last night on the river was everything I had hoped it would be. The girls loved their new tubes, Bill and I chilled from stressful days at work, and we all had a good family night. We didn’t anchor down, so we drifted quite a bit further than we usually do, was about 20 minutes to row back with the girlies behind us… Quite a little biceps workout. And Bill beat me to the dock by a ridiculous amount, I think maybe when I get up to run in the morning he secretly is in the bedroom working out… Or playing nerdy games in his iPad, I’m undecided…

This mornings run was a cool 64 degrees, 4 mile tempo run. The weather was a touch cloudier than usual, but no breeze, so it was about perfect out again. On my way to park, I looked over the path and there was no one out, not even the homeless man from the other morning, so I decided since it was such a short run I would leave my mace in the car… About mile 1.5 there was a creepy, creepy man on a drift boat, Β no fishing pole in the water, pulling into a little tree covered area right along the path, I’m thinking to myself, he’s going to anchor off and wait along the path to murder someone… Yes, that is my thought process, man on a boat at 5am equals murderer. So I go out to my 2 mile turn around point, loop back and scan the area for him… No sign. As I get close to where I sashimi initially I grab a nice sized rock to hold in my hand… There I am, running the levee holding a small boulder… Not only do I see the man, now fishing and reading the newspaper, I meet a bicyclist that looks at me like I am possibly a murderer… My over cautious mentality at its finest… Below is the hawk I am sure was waiting to see if I was going to be murdered on the levee.

Did I mention I ordered a foam roller???? Well it arrived last night, and all I can say is my back has never been happier about a running gear decision yet… Stretched last night, stretched before my run, and stretched nice and long after my run… Heavenly. My back is one happy camper.
So far today, foam rolling-CHECK, bustin’ heads-NOT SO MUCH.Β 

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