Running For Sanity

Was not feeling well that last two days… Poor excuse I know, but I just wasn’t. Turns out my ulcer, that I probably should have taken better care of the first time is back… Only can blame myself for this, as it healed fast and I felt great and had I followed the diet the doctor put me on for two more weeks it would have been the best thing for me. SOOOOOOOO, long story short, no more wine (sad day), no more coffee (which is fine as it was quit easy to give up for tea), no more diet Pepsi (which I am happy to report has been my lifetime addiction that I have FINALLY given up), no more dairy, no more high fat meat, limit processed food (stocked the fridge with fruits and veggies yesterday), and all in all quite taking shitty care of my diet. Deal. I hate feeling tired and grumpy and I am sure Bill hates it when I do too. 

This morning’s run was nice, chilly, little breeze and the sunrise was just gorgeous, starting about the time I parked and up by the time I finished… 4 miles, Tempo Run. Need to make up my missed long run this weekend…
Today was the first time that I have ever seen a homeless person sleeping on the levee. He was lying along the path, kind of tucked under a tree, with his backpack wrapped in a protective grasp, his holey shoes off next to him and a little grocery sack of food. Am I the only one that feels completely heart broken when seeing something like this? I mean, I look down and I have nice shoes (that I am about to toss), new socks designed for running, name brand running gear, and an iPod  all things that I find necessary to run just 4 miles… And here is this poor man, with less, and that is everything that he owns… It’s the same feeling that I have when I pull out of Walmart and the person standing at the stop sign with their cardboard sign makes eye contact with me…  And I look away… I looped back and by the time I crossed where he was the first time, he was already gone. 

Ordered new shoes today!!! Next Wednesday I will post about them. AND I ordered a foam roller. More to come soon!

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