Great Weekend Followed by an OGIO Sponsorship!

After my Friday night run, ordered a bottle of wine and crab cakes, relaxed at Davenport waiting to pick Bill up the next morning and my phone started ringing, I had a delivery!!! Flowers to my hotel room. I couldn’t ask for a more amazing man to spend the rest of my life with…

Saturday morning couldn’t have come soon enough, rushed to the airport and waited for Bill. Kissed all over his sunburnt face and chapped lips. πŸ™‚ we went home and went out for a nice little dinner, much needed night alone with no kids, no one else, just us. Was so nice.Β 

Saturday morning we slept in and then met my sister with her boyfriend to take our little pontoon boats out. We love going out on our little boats!Β 

Afterward we went back to the house, grilled up some of Bills fresh salmon and hung out with them for the night. My sister is the coolest by the way… And again, I am just so happy Bill is home.Β 

Saturday and Sunday are my rest days, so no running.Β 

Monday morning I get to work and waiting in my email is a sponsorship from OGIO!!! How cool is that? They are going to send me their free gear to races and get 40% off all of their stuff!!! I was super excited about this, emailed with the International Marketing Rep and cannot wait to get the awesome gear for my upcoming races!!! These are the bags that are coming!

Having Bill home for lunch time is so nice, we sit and visit and laugh. I love to talk about our work, people we work with and everything imaginable. He is such an amazing man, on so many levels. Tonight, we had a nice night out on our pontoon boats. This is my favorite thing to do… We take them out in the middle of the river, anchor ourselves there and bungee our boats together. Sitting out there, no cell service, no iPads, no TV, it’s an amazing to unwind after the day. πŸ™‚Β 

Then home for dinner and spinning for my crosstraining night. Bill sits and plays video games online with his sons (have I mentioned yet what an amazing father Bill is? No??? Well more to come on that…), play on his iPad or play music just sitting next to me so I don’t have to workout alone. Again, he is one damn amazing man, and I am one lucky girl. πŸ™‚


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