Long Day… And Notes About My Jawbone UP Band

I should known what a long day it was going to be beginning during our Management Team Meeting when I was asked to leave for an exit seeking, anrgy, agitated and agressive resident… I should have just left work then and went back to bed… But of course I had seven families coming in. So slogged through the day. Only to have another confused and agitated resident attempt leaving the building at 4:30pm… Long day. And no Bill to come home to.

But when I got home I changed into my workout clothes and hoped on my treadmill. I read a few of my favorite running blogs. Just the therapy I needed. But while I wrapped up my three tempo miles I was thinking about my Jawbone UP band and realized I hadn’t mentioned it on here and totally am obsessed with it… First off I have to say, they have let me down with their durability, the cost about $130 and they die after about six weeks… But since I love mine so much (although since Bill quit using his, it hasn’t been as fun…) I figure $2.85ish a day is totally worth it to me.

Β So the upband is simple looking:

You can shower with it, run with it, everything. Nothing effects it. I love this about it. Β 

It monitors your steps, including running, which is a huge motivator for me. Yesterday’s steps:

It tracks your food and your total calorie intake for the day, plus it stores our meals and you can take pictures of your food even!!! Tonight’s dinner:

And the feature I use the least but it is still totally cool is the sleep monitoring:

Β Cool right!!!!

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