Logging Miles, Missing My Honey…

Waking up without Bill’s snuggly body next to mine just doesn’t start the day out quite like I like it… Bill is catching fish, so missing him hopefully is paying off… I love this picture of Bill. Isn’t he the most adorable man you have ever seen???

So, back to running… Logged 7 miles this morning, unfortunately all the treadmill because without Bill here I can’t leave my two young daughters at home… I’m just sure if I left them alone in bed sleeping, the world would implode while I was away… Started having PreWorkout and a small meal before my runs and can totally tell the difference… This morning a slice of banana bread and my PreWorkout left me feeling energized and ready for the 7 mile tempo run I had scheduled.Β 

I love this picture because I think of all the things I could be doing around the house if I wasn’t running, especially when I am running in the house, but as usual I found the time to do both this morning before my shower… πŸ™‚

Going to be a long day at work with 5 families coming in for care conferences (I’m a social worker in a skilled nursing facility, and these conferences are like little visits with residents’ family members to discuss their stay in the facility, their discharge or their care plan if they are there long term).Β 

Only 2 more nights home alone without Bill, and one in the hotel waiting for him… Looks as if though I may survive this week after all…

My sissy is coming over for her birthday present and dinner tonight, although I honestly haven’t even decided on what I am making for dinner, but I love the gift so much that I can’t keep it at the house another day or I am totally going to keep it… By the way, my sister is amazing…

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