Packing for Maryland

Packing for Maryland and for flying to Maryland was a touch more difficult than packing for CDA. Primarily getting my bike across the country… Disasssembling my bike (although I will confess that I did very little to help, as my hubby did all the work) was a nightmare!!


But the Thule Case that we used, had excellent instructions and worked out super well.


Anyways, this is what my amazingly stuffed Ogio Rig 9800 looked like!


And my list of favorite essentials!!

  1. Obviously my 3 Ogio bags
  2. Kestral Talon Bike
  3. The Thule Bike Case
  4. Nuun Energy
  5. Infinit Nutrition
  6. Garmin Felix 3
  7. Velocity TriMafia Kit
  8. Compression sleeves & socks by Zensah
  9. Mizuno Running Shorts
  10. Mizuno Running Tank
  11. Mizuno Hitogami 3 Shoes
  12. Flip belt
  13. Smith Optics Overtake Helmet
  14. Smith Optics Pivot Lock Sunglasses 
  15. Goggles
  16. Wetsuit

And here are all of our bags, heading out!!



Super Sunday Prep – Maryland Packing!!

This Sunday brings a whole new meaning to Sunday Prep!

  1. Prep packing list for the Ironman
    1. Gear
    2. Fuel
    3. Hydration
    4. Clothes
  2. Prep packing list for being in Maryland for an entire week
  3. Prep work to be gone for a week (although, having Dom there has lessened this task dramatically!!)
  4. Prep food and groceries for the kiddos to have everything they’ll need for the week
  5. Plan out flying/carryon to be on the plane for hours

So far, so good. Ha!!

Well, easy training this weekend. Which was super weird. All of this energy is just building inside me. So, decided to tackle the long overdo yard work, and I must say, all this endurance training has made my yard working quite productive!!! Ha!


The plan for this week:



The final countdown…

These last two weeks are the hardest.

One, I am so ready to give my body some rest, it’s been a lot of work, and I can feel that my body is ready for a break. A real break. I’m sleeping more. I’m tired more. I’m just ready to have some rest.

Two, the nerves ramp up. The fears and anxiety. The what ifs. The worst case scenarios. And add on CDA and it’s intense. I need this race for redemption. I need this race to make all those hours, all that sweat and agony to mean something.

Three, starting taper. So all this nervous energy usually goes somewhere. I cope from the stress at work by leaving everything I’ve got in my training. So managing my stress is at a weak point right now. Add one and two, makes me on the brink of a total meltdown.

But, getting the work in. Only a handful of workouts lefts. And then it’s time to try again. To know that I’ve left everything I’ve got on the course. To fly home with no regrets. Ideally with that medal in my bag.



Manic Monday

Got all my long workouts in this weekend, and am feeling really good and confident about Maryland.


Work has been especially crazy, but that goes with the territory I suppose.


I love a rest day morning, snuggling with my pit and sipping on my coffee.


This week:



Monday Motivation

Was able to get my long ride (100 miles, woot!) and long run (18 miles, hurray!) in over the weekend, but had my step-dad’s birthday out of town yesterday, so didn’t manage to get back for my swim. I am home with my daughter today whom is not feeling well, but hoping to get out this evening after my hubs gets home and get that swim wrapped up. Fingers crossed.

This week is a slightly reduced work load:


Here is a little motivation for your Monday friends!











My Super Hubby Saves The Day!!

So, today was the most important bike ride that occurs while training for an IM, peak week 100 mile ride, but let me tell you, it did not go as planned.

First off, the one and only Racing Mermaid met me at crack of dawn, well actually prior. We set out, we kicked ass, we turned around at mile 25 (loop one). We kicked more ass, the wind tried to kick our ass, we won.


Then, my clip broke off my shoe. I know what you are thinking whoa, what a badass, breaking metal with your kick ass efforts. No big deal… Ha. No, but really, it sucks!


So, with dumb difficulty, we made it back to mile 50. I literally start to freak out. I don’t have time to miss this ride. I DO NOT. So, I think, I’ll drive to the local bike shop and replace the clips, then go finish my ride. Done and done.

No. Not done. First, there is a parade. Yup, the one day I need the bike shop, it’s literally blocked in. My Super Hubby to the rescue #1, calls the bike shop, asks how I can get to the shop, gets the sneaky back roads alley way in to the shop. Done and done.


No. Again, not done. Apparently, my clips are SPECIAL CLIPS. They can get them for me, in two weeks. I tell him, I can get them in two days. He looks shocked, he literally says TWO DAYS! Well, you should do that then!! Someone needs to tell this guy about Amazon. Seriously. But again, no clip today.

50 miles left today. And it cannot wait.  Again, I start to panic. My Super Hubby to the rescue #2, calls again, I have a plan, come home. 


Yes, he did. My Super Hubby saves the day. 100 miles complete.

And just when he couldn’t be any better of a hubby… My Super Hubby to the rescue #3!!




Infinit Nutrition

If you have followed my blog long, you know that I am super happy with Infinit Nutrition’s products.


I especially like the custom blend formula, because I make the blend for what is best for me. The widget on the site takes you through a questionnaire that asks what your specific goals are, what your specific needs are and how your body handles workouts. Seriously the best training fuel I have ever used.

Then MUD. After a tough workout, well any workout, I take a scoop of this. Not only does it have caffeine and taste like a sweet coffee, it is a recovery drink! It’s my favorite and something that I will keep taking long after IM training. Yum. Plus, it makes a great breakfast on the go, like in my car on the way to work…


And most recently, I have started using :NOCTURNE which is a nighttime recovery that I take at night. I have an incredibly difficult time falling asleep, and getting in the hours of sleep that I need is imperative to good training. It’s not my favorite tasting drink, but if it works, then I can handle the odd taste.

If you want to give any of these products a try, use this link, and save yourself some $$$ or use the coupon code INFINIT-7JURP. 


Instagram Post-7

And it’s Labor Day

So, because it’s Labor Day, and my rest day, I was able to sleep until 7, enjoy breakfast with my family (including my MIL who is still visiting), drink coffee, read the news, read my book and snuggle with my big headed bully, Kimbo. I love mornings like this.


Counting down to Maryland, which is deja vu from CDA. My body and my mind are ready for the off season and my mind is ready to switch gears to start thinking about 2017. But for now, 26 days until Maryland, my mind and my body need to stay focused on the IM.


It is peak week, the heaviest week of the entire IM training. 100 mile bike ride, 18 mile run, 4000 yard swim this weekend. But after this week, everything begins to reduce and finally taper week is back. So this week has to be on point.

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