2018 Race Plans!

After some contemplation and some negotiation with the hubby, I think I have finally decided on my 2018 race plans. And although there will not be a Full Ironman in my 2018 plans, much to my dismay, there will be plenty of epic races next year!


And I will be focused on some major PRs, improvements in all three disciplines and significant speed/technique improvements! And I am pretty damn excited about that.

So what are the 2018 races?


Mar 3 – Snake River Canyon Half Marathon –  A Race


April 21 – Wenatchee Marathon – C Race


May 27 – CDA Marathon – A Race


June 2 – Troika Sprint – C Race


July 29 – Calgary 70.3 – A Race

ironman703 calgary 230x120


Oct 21 – Arizona 70.3 – A Race

2016 ironman 70 3 arizona logo rev 230x120

Nov 11 – Rock n Roll Vegas Half Marathon – C Race



Checking In On 2017 Goals

So checking on where I am for my 2017 goals!

  1. Ironman Chattanooga – this is my #1 goal for 2017
    1. My number one goal and my main focus. It was amazing, wonderful and most importantly done! Check it out, herefinisherpix_1818_2178661
  2. Run 1000 miles in 2017
    1. My goal miles for 2017 swimming and running are done but still need to wrap up the last of those running miles, so that is my last and final goal of 2017!!022019
  3. Victoria 70.3
    1. This was an amazing race and a 29 minute PR for me! Check it out —> Victoria 70.325_m-100764124-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-1901_037330-7927221
  4. Drop back down to my Ironman race weight in the next 8 weeks
    1. Done! Hurray!
  5. Increase my water consumptions to 64oz a day minimum!!
    1. I suck at this most days of the week, but is still a daily goal for me. 
  6. A few local races, 5ks, 10ks and half marathons
    1. I did do a few of these this year, there are a few more locally before the end of the year that I may go ahead and do. Freeze Your Fanny 5k, Snake River Canyon Half Marathon, and Hayden Lake 10k. fullsizerender-131
  7. At least 2 marathons
    1. I did run the marathon after Chatt, but did not do another this year…… Hmmm, wonder if I can work one in over the next two months…. Might help wrap up those last few miles for my running goal. 
  8. A few local sprint triathlons as they fit in to my training schedule
    1. Well certainly not “a few” but did do the local one, Snake River Sprint Triathlon. img_5298.jpg

Sunday Wrap-Up

Another week in the books. Struggling a bit still with motivation with no races on the horizon, but joining the Masters Swim group has helped a lot and showing up for hills on Monday nights makes for good social runs. Even made it in to the chiropractor for the first time in months.

Had a great family weekend with Bill’s birthday, visiting Banner Ranch with the kiddos and carving pumpkins.

Really starting to put together my 2018 races and goals, while trying to keep in mind my training & family balance. I’ll try to button up my 2018 plan this week and get focused on those goals.

Monday Motivation

Don’t worry, I’m still training.


And Swimming with Masters swim team and Hill Repeats with the local running club today!


Here’s your dose of Monday Motivation:


Motivational Monday

Last week was kind of an off week for me between working out of town, a career fair, a bachelorette party out of town and then a bridal shower. But this morning, things are back on track and back to the routine.

Here is some Monday Motivation!!!


Tidbit Tuesday

  1. What was the worst haircut that you’ve ever gotten? Considering I’ve rocked two mullets as a kid, a bowl cut and had multiple home-done-perms, it’s a toss-up. Ha!
  2. What was your favorite snack when you were a kid? Cup o’ Noodles!
  3. Are there any colors that you refuse to wear? Yellow… it’s bad on my skin tone, super bad.
  4. Do you believe that animals experience emotions in the same way that humans do? Not all of them, I don’t think they have the capacity.
  5. What common food have you never actually tried? Liver? 
  6. What’s your favorite cat breed? I personally don’t like cats. 
  7. What’s your favorite section of the newspaper? When I have time I like the whole thing.
  8. Which 90s show do you wish they’d bring back? Family Matters, Step by Step, or Boy Meets World.
  9. What’s your favorite font to use when you type? Times New Roman
  10. What age were your parents when they had you? My mom was 20, I think my dad was 24. 
  11. Have you ever seen a person (or a dog or a cow) give birth? Dog twice and cows lots of times, we lived on a farm for a few years as kids. 
  12. On average, how many times do you wake up in the middle of the night? Zero usually, but sometimes once.
  13. Do you know your IQ? Nope. 
  14. Has a celebrity ever replied to one of your Tweets? No. But Kimbo Slice ‘liked’ a photo of my dog Kimbo Slice before he died. 
  15. Do you dream often? Yes, constantly and vividly. 


My sister posted this on my timeline this week, the more I read it, the more I love it:


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